We offer:

  1. sage advice on communicating, branding and storytelling in digital media
  2. corporate videos + TV commercials (with Red+HDSLRs & world-class cinematographers and directors)
  3. branding and brand expertise (from my days at adidas)
  4. presentation and Powerpoint guru advice
  5. story telling (copy writing, storyboarding, directing, producing skills and services, etc.)
  6. video editing, fx and post-production
  7. corporate event photography
  8. corporate digital asset library and management (for photos and video)-Web videos and web sites
  9. intranets, with internal videos
  10. high def filmlike projection presentations for events (remote greetings to conferences, etc.)
  11. event planning, esp. with high tech, multi-media aspects (e.g., for corporate anniversary, etc.)
  12. instructional videos -Enterprise YouTube for ECG (employee-generated content)
  13. Web 2.0/Enterprise 2.0 -Collaboration tools (Sharepoint, wikis, blogs, DMS, etc.)
  14. social media & networking
  15. video conferencing/telepresence expertise, rationalization and support
  16. mobile applications (e.g., custom iPhone/iPad apps)
  17. 3D (like Avatar!)